R E Bucheli Christmas Exhibition 2013

I have two recent paintings on display at R E Bucheli’s Christmas Exhibition 2013 in Bristol. It runs from 16th November 2013 – 11th January 2014.

The paintings are “Joanna” and “Boats at Derwent Water”.

The website is www.rebucheli.co.uk


Even if I make things difficult for myself, I persevere with the principle of working from life and from sketches; especially with a portrait.


Above is an oil painting of a model, Apryl… It is a hybrid derived from the two 5 and 15 min sketches of the model which appear below.

It is not easy to work essentially from drawings, true, but for flesh tones I have trusted to notes and a traditional palette, yellow ochre, crimson (cadmium red and cadmium red deep), ultramarine, ivory black and flake white. (Thanks to Harriet Dahan-Bouchard for guidance there).