Easton in Gordano Cricket Club

Watercolour, 10 Oct 2020

Cricket is one of my loves. This is my team at our home ground, late September, during the last game of the season. We’re in the field and our skipper, arms crossed, surveys the field from first slip…

Norfolk Watercolours

Happisburgh Beach, 8 August 2020
Happisburgh Lighthouse, 8 August 2020
Crostwight Woods, Norfolk

A series of watercolours done during my stay with my sister in Norfolk.

Burnham Overy Staithe

Just returned from Norfolk where we were able to enjoy some beautiful weather on the coast. This is my daughter overlooking the mudflats and estuary at Burnham Overy Staithe.

Shadow Blossoms

Shadow Blossoms March 2017

My daughter scattering cherry blossom petals beneath an ancient overhanging cherry tree, at a friend’s house near Wraxall, Bristol.

The petals were so plentiful it seemed impossible to distinguish between fallen petals and the pinkish reflected light.

Oil on canvas, 90cm x 60 cm

After Snowdon

Watercolour, September 2017

At the foot of the Llanberis Path is a very welcome pub, with open fire, tea and cider. This is my wife and daughter relaxing.



A fairly rapid watercolour sketch, about 1 hr. Tried to keep it relatively simple with colours pure. Trying to abbreviate…