Methuen Lake, Ontario

Just returned from a family holiday in Canada. Here are a selection of quickish watercolours done at Methuen Lake and nearby Beaver Lake.

Beaver Lake, overlooked by granite rock formations in the Canadian shield.
A quick sketch of the rocky vantage point from which the previous picture was painted.
This is the view from my brother-in-law’s cottage overlooking Methuen Lake.
A rough sketch of the end of the lake, choked with water lilies, and frequented by beavers and a resident blue heron.

The view out to the main expanse of Methuen Lake

Shadow Blossoms

Shadow Blossoms March 2017

My daughter scattering cherry blossom petals beneath an ancient overhanging cherry tree, at a friend’s house near Wraxall, Bristol.

The petals were so plentiful it seemed impossible to distinguish between fallen petals and the pinkish reflected light.

Oil on canvas, 90cm x 60 cm