Look at this fabulous commissioned portrait by Anders Zorn:  “The daughters of Ramon Subercasseaux”

A Portrait Of The Daughters Of Ramon Subercasseaux

The composition is uncompromising. The striking features are the snapshot effect and the minimal use of palette. This is probably derived from use of no more than four colours, which helps focus on tone.

There is some debate as to whether Zorn really used a limited palette but here he clearly does and to great effect.

Ever leading with the chin I tried to do a similar exercise.

I derived a pencil sketch of my children painting:

Smock on Tommy – sketch

And executed an oil sketch with a limited palette of cadmium red, yellow ochre, titanium white and raw umber:

We have a saying in our house whenever they want to paint. It’s a little joke they may get when they are older. “What must we do first children before we paint?”

“Smock on Tommy” they cry in unison.

It amuses me.

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